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Beatures: Hackman, Untold, Débruit and more…

April 11, 2010

Starting this post off with a BANG, I think I’ll expose some of you to some new talent. DIE ANTWOORD are a crazy trio from South Africa. Kinda like the Afrikaans answer to Coco Solid or Bumblebeez. Check their insane video below. SLAP IN THE BASS are a bassline/electro/house duo specialising in Lee Mortimer-esque insanity, though parts of it remind me of the more ravey Kicks Like A Mule, Squire of Gothos or Kanji Kinetic. They’re also known as Dirty Monkeez, who I posted up before…definitely keep an eye on these guys.

“Zef Side” (Slap In The Bass Remix) – Die Antwoord

I’m surprised I hadn’t checked out DÉBRUIT properly before now. I thought it would just be some obscure stuff like Kotchy or something. But funnily enough he’s not, he’s more like Poirier. Like a Frencher version of Poirier. That’s how I’d box him anyway. He’s been remixed by the likes of Daedelus and Octa Push, as well as Reso (whose remix I’m giving you lovely people) and he’s done a recent EP for the Haiti victims. Don’t ignore this stuff, it’s wonderful tropical noise ejaculations.

“Changement” – Débruit

“Nigeria What?” – Débruit

“Soles Sweat” (Reso Remix) – Débruit

Next up are a couple of brilliant fresh producers. FANTASTIC MR FOX has been jogging under the radar for a while, and his style is quite innovative and well-refined. It’s a little bit like James Blake and Floating Points, which is never ever a bad thing at all. I missed the chance to see him DJ with his friend Rich Reason on a bill including Claude VonStroke, Julio Bashmore, LV, Untold, Mumdance, Scratcha DVA, and James Blake too. Makes me want to die a little bit.

“Bricka-Brac” – Fantastic Mr Fox

I dunno if you listened to the recent Fabric compilation, but there was something that stood out from the rest on it for me. It was this bouncy fucking track from near-unknown HACKMAN. From the rest of what I’ve heard it’s the best thing he’s done, though the new track in the video above is proof he hasn’t lost his touch already.

“Pistol In Your Pocket” – Hackman

Possibly one of my favourite of these producers, UNTOLD can do almost no wrong. His production is weirdly catchy, and his remixes are absolutely insane. Seriously. These four remixes span his different techniques quite well, I reckon, but you should check his own stuff as well, as it is equally genius. This guy could be the new Zomby, with time. Although Floating Points may have taken that position already.

“Transmission” (Untold Remix) – Boys Noize

“Islands” (Untold Remix) – The xx

“Revenue” (Untold Remix) – Ramadanman

“Seamonkey” (Untold Remix) – Moderat

For being such nice readers, I’ll give you a few extra remixes. Two chill, two hectic, and some crazy shit on YouTube. Have a nice week:


“Maybes” (James Blake Remix) – Mount Kimbie

“Eyesdown” (Floating Points Remix) – Bonobo

“Sing What You Want” (Rusko’s Skweee Remix) – Kotchy

“Dejavoodoo” (Geeneus Remix) – Beezy

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  1. April 12, 2010 16:08

    Hiya B,

    Please could you email me at treanord[at] . I want to send you the info about the new Kanji Kinetic track coming out on Senseless Records. Cheers, Danielle x

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